Afrikaans Handbook and Study Guide: An English Student's Guide to Afrikaans

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    Author: Beryl Lutrin

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    An English Student's Guide to Afrikaans


    Three Books in One:


    • A Teacher's Handbook

    • A Student's Text Book

    • A Home Reference Book


    English explanations, Afrikaans examples

    Colour coded for easy understanding and learning

    Simple and user-friendly

    Suitable for remedial students

    Notes, rules and useful vocabulary written in English and colour coded for easy understanding and learning.




    Algemene Reels - Some General Rules

    Die Klanke - The Vowel Sounds

    Meervoud - Plurals

    Verkleinwoorde - Diminutives

    Trappe van Vergelyking - Degrees of Comparison

    Byvoeglike Naamwoorde - Adjectives

    Bywoorde - Adverbs

    Geslag - Gender

    Dieregeluide - Animal Sounds

    Mense, Lande, Tale - People, Countries and Languages

    Woordorde - Word Order

    Leestekens - Punctuation

    Die Tye - Tenses

    Voegwoorde - Conjunctions

    Die Negatief / Ontkennende Vorm - The Negative

    Voornaamwoorde - Pronouns

    Betreklike Voornaamwoorde - Relative Pronouns

    Lydende en Bedrywende Vorm - Passive and Active Voice

    Direkte en Indirekte Rede - Direct and Indirect Speech

    Deelwoorde - Participles

    Vraagsinne - Question Sentences

    Die Infinitief - The Infinitive

    Blyk en Skyn - Seems or Appears

    Voorsetsels - Prepositions

    Afkortings - Abbreviations

    Tyd en Getalle - Time and Numbers

    Sinonieme - Synonyms

    Antonieme - Antonyms / Opposites

    Vergelykings - Similes

    Intensiewe / Versterkte Vorm - Intensive Form

    Samestellings - Compound Words

    Idiomatiese Uitdrukkings - Idiomatic Expressions

    Algemene Foute - Common Errors

    Suiwer Afrikaans - 'Correct' Afrikaans

    Woordsoorte - Parts of Speech (A General Overview)




    Begripstoets - Comprehension

    Skryfwerk - Writing Skills

    Letterkunde - Literature

    Mondeling - Oral Communication

    Woordeskat - Vocabulary

    Taalgids vir Temas - Guide for Themes


    Hints to improve your Afrikaans

    Ideas for Teachers


    Book Details

    ISBN-13: 9780620325844 (ISBN-10: 0620325844)
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Berlut Books cc
    Publication Date: 31 Dec 2004
    Country of publication: South Africa

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    I used this book throughout school. It's brilliant, almost like Afrikaans for dummies. All the content is relevant to our day and age. Everyone learning Afrikaans as a second language should have it.

    Hi - Beryl Lutrin the author here. I just chanced to read these fantastic reviews and I am so happy and excited to see how my book is helping second language Afrikaans students.

    Absolutely glad to have bought this book! As an Afrikaans learner that I am, this book gave me the tools to understand this fantastic language. Grammar is explained in a very easy way and there are many examples and vocabulary.
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