God's Pharmacy Part II (Part 2)

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    Author: Herman Uys
    This book is a follow-up on God’s Pharmacy Part 1 and contains the following:
    ·         70 conditions, diseases and illnesses that have not been dealt with in Part 1
    ·         36 natural oils; their uses and benefits to the human body
    ·         85 different herbs and their uses
    ·         Blood group diets

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    Book Details

    ISBN-13: 9780620457705
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Bambi Boeke
    Publication Date: November 2009
    Country of publication: South Africa

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    Let every person that has breath get a copy of this book, your life will change in a very short period of time, your health, your weight, really it's amazing. Please try your luck..........Mash

    I suffer from high blood pressure and purchased part 1 and part 2. Cayanne pepper has brought the blood pressure down, have lost 13 kg by just adjusting what i eat according to my blood group. My father had gangerine in both lower legs, doctors predicted amputation by the end of 2012. Legs were black and expelling fluids. I introduced him to cayanne pepper, within two months, legs are pink in colour, two different doctors cannot believe it. I took photos before and after and the difference is astonishing. Legs are getting back to normal and blood circulation is sorted. I cannot do without these two books which has now become a way of life in the way I eat and look after myself. Praise God and the inspiration of the author, Austin Hill

    i have been taking cayenne pepper for about five months now since i read a book, my asthma attacks high blood pressure is like that of a person who has never had it before wish i knew about before i was even diagnosed,thanks to God and to u too Herman UYS for reprinting the book. Irene Tamenti , Mmabatho South Africa

    I was disappointed after reasding from Gods Phamacy 2 that milk thistle is good for making milk as the name is derived from it. To my surprise at the chemist was told its to clean your liver.. Just please make sure before you use some of the stuff said in the book.. Loved book 1.

    I have just started reading this book. I have never experienced a powerful and helpful book like God's pharmacy. I am encouraging every person to have a copy. Mashudu Nefale

    I would give Part 1 10 Stars if you offered 10!... this book is so very handy and I bought my whole family copies of this book and have refered almost all my friends to buy it, after I was getting tired of all the calls to check the recommended treatments. Thank you so much for such a good handy, helpful book. Some of us don't have medical aids, but even if you do, it still comes out on top top. I did not know there was Part 2 and I am going to buy it this weekend, yahooo! Thanx... Zolisa Makongwana

    I've never read anything so helpful like this book. Am in the process of buying myself part II. Thando

    I think every household must have a copy of God's pharmacy Part I. Thanks Dr Uys. I am in the process of buying my mother in Law a copy. Penzito
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