Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps

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    Offers a description of absorption chillers and heat pumps, focusing on relatively simple systems that employ working fluids in the liquid and vapor phase. This book provides an explanation of how thermodynamic and transport properties of working fluid mixtures enable them to influence the performance of absorption systems.

    Book Details

    ISBN-13: 9780849394270 (ISBN-10: 0849394279)
    Format: Hardback
    No of Pages: 330pp
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Inc
    Publication Date: 18 Jan 1996
    Country of publication: United States
    Dewey Code: 621.563

    Table of Contents

    Introduction Heat Pumps Heat-Driven Heat Pumps Description of Current Absorption Products Outlook for Absorption Technology Absorption Cycle Fundamentals Carnot Cycles Absorption Heat Pump, Type I Absorption Heat Transformer, Type II Absorption Heat Pump as Combination of Rankine Cycles Reversible Analysis with Variable Temperatures Irreversibilities in Absorption Cycle Processes Zero-Order Absorption Cycle Model Absorption Cycle Design Optimization Properties of Working Fluids Analytic Treatment of Thermodynamic Properties Graphical Perspective on Thermodynamic Properties of Absorption Working Fluids Thermodynamic Processes with Mixtures Mixing of Fluids and the Heat of Mixing Specific Heat of Mixtures Desorption Absorption Condensation and Evaporation Compression Pumping Throttling Ammonia Purification Heat Exchangers WATER/LITHIUM BROMIDE SYSTEMS Overview of Water/Lithium Bromide Technology Fundamentals and Operation Crystallization and Absorber Cooling Requirements Corrosion and Materials Compatibility Vacuum Requirements Octyl Alcohol Normal Maintenance and Expected Life Controls Single-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Technology Single-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Chiller Operating Conditions Single-Effect with Heat Transfer Models Single-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Heat Transformer (Type II Heat Pump) Discussion of Available Single-Effect Systems Double-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Technology Double-Effect Water/Lithium Bromide Cycles Solution Circuit Plumbing Options Operating Conditions of Double-Effect Machines Systems on the Market Advanced Water/Lithium Bromide Cycles Half-Effect Cycle Triple-Effect Cycle Resorption Cycle Additional Water/Lithium Bromide Technology AMMONIA/WATER SYSTEMS Single-Stage Ammonia/Water Systems General Considerations Performance Calculations Examples of Ammonia/Water Absorption Systems in Operations Two-Stage Ammonia/Water Systems Double-Effect Ammonia/Water Systems Double-Lift Ammonia/Water Systems Two-Stage Triple-Effect Ammonia/Water System Generator/Absorber Heat Exchange (GAX) Cycles Concept, Configurations and Design Considerations Branched GAX Systems GAX Cycle Hardware Diffusion Absorption Cycle Introduction Cycle Physics Choice of the Auxiliary Gas Total Pressure of the System Cycle Performance APPENDICES Properties of LiBr/H2O Properties of NH3/H2O Absorption Cycle Modeling Concentration Measurements by Titration Introduction to Engineering Equation Solver Overview of the ABSIM Software Package References Index

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